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Shijiazhuang Xinbang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various viscose products including special paper adhesive tape, masking paper adhesive tape, electronic adhesive tape, cloth-based adhesive tape and other adhesive tape products. It is a large-scale enterprise in the domestic adhesive tape industry. Products are widely used in building decoration, automobile manufacturing and automobile beauty, electronic and electrical product manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, stationery, packaging, shoe materials, ships, high-speed rail, medicine and other fields of painting, masking, bonding, fixing, protection, conductivity and insulation etc.


We are a real factory with 20 years of adhesive tapes manufacturing experience.



We have a quality inspection team to strictly control the product quality.



Fast delivery time: 2-7 days after receiving the deposit.


R & D

We have a professional R & D team to constantly update the products to meet customers' requirements.


OEM Service

We can accept OEM and customize according to customers' requirements.



Various adhesive products to meet the needs of different customers.


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Adhesive tape is composed of two parts: a substrate and an adhesive. Two or more unconnected objects are connected together by bonding. Adhesive tapes can be divided into high-temperature tapes, double-sided tapes, insulating tapes, special tapes, pressure-sensitive tapes, and die-cut tapes according to their functions. Different functions are suitable for different industry needs.
Adhesive tapes, masking films are widely used in electronics, communications, packaging, construction, papermaking, woodworking, aerospace, automobiles, textiles, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, medical industries, etc. The development of the tape industry mainly depends on the development of coal, steel, cement, ports, mining, petroleum, automobiles, textiles, light industry, machinery and other industries.